A Letter on the “F” Word–Faith

“Religions are different roads converging at the same point. What does it matter that we take different roads, so long as we reach the same goal?” -Gandhi Dear friends, Religion has a bad reputation in the United States because extremists throughout history have tainted the word. Now, when someone says they’re religious, many of usContinue reading “A Letter on the “F” Word–Faith”

Because I Could not Stop for Fate…

Dear friend, The other week as I was driving to my mom’s house, the woman in the car behind me was riding my bumper and swerving as though she was going to pass me. What she failed to see was that I was not driving slowly on purpose; there was a white work-van practically crawlingContinue reading “Because I Could not Stop for Fate…”

The Lady at the Diner

Dear friend, Several years ago my sister and I were eating lunch at our local diner when we couldn’t help overhearing the conversation of the couple in the booth behind us.  They had just come from a Dr’s appointment, and the woman was told that her cancer had come back, and spread to her brain.Continue reading “The Lady at the Diner”