Date Night In Quarantine

Dear Paige E.,

What are some fun date-night activities and ideas couples can do during quarantine? 


Dear A.,

While it may seem like date night options are limited during the pandemic, there are still plenty of things to do aside from the standard hiking, movie night, and game night! The trick is to get creative, and allow yourself to try things you might not ordinarily have…It’s ok to be a little silly. Here are five ideas to get you started:

-Perform Random Acts of Kindness: Spend the day baking treats to drop off at the homes of loved ones. If baking isn’t your thing, drop off flowers/plants, a veggie basket, chocolates, or even letters.

Get crafty: Decide on a craft, or do your own paint and sip by breaking out your favorite beverages and mimicking a youtube painting tutorial. Not a fan of youtube? Try to draw or paint each other…the results will likely be hilarious.

-Dinner and A Dance: This is one of our favorites! Decide on a delicious meal to make together (or order out), then host a dance! You can either dance to a spotify playlist (bonus points if you make it together), a record,  or if you want a work out, turn to Youtube and search songs from the video game Just Dance.

-International Night: Pick a country and plan activities accordingly. You might research games they play in that country and google whether their museums are offering virtual tours. You might take a walking tour on youtube, listen to their music, or eat their cuisine. 

Nostalgia Night: Choose a decade and break out music/movies/video games/ photo albums, etc. from that time period. It can be a time period you remember and can reminisce about, or it can be one you never experienced in this life. Bonus points if you dress accordingly….

I hope these inspire you to get creative! Once the weather warms up, there are even more possibilities.

Peace and Love,

Paige E.

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